Will Smith Has Not Watched Full NFL Game Since Filming ‘Concussion’

Will Smith’s new movie Concussion is in theaters and the NFL is not pleased about it. The film shows the link between the violence in football associated with life-threatening brain injuries. With a big star like Smith in the movie, it has led to more fans watching it and questioning the guilt associated with enjoying the NFL.

Smith expressed the same feelings and admitted he has yet to watch an NFL game in its entirety since making the movie:

“I haven’t seen a whole game. I walk through the airport and I’ll see something, or I’ll see a play on the news. It’s really stressful now. It definitely created a conflict for me. It’s still beautiful, it’s still America’s favorite game. That doesn’t change at all. It just has another side, that once you see and once you know and once you understand, you can’t not see.”

Carlton Banks has expressed support of the NFL in hopes of being a part of the Super Bowl halftime show.

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