Why The Cincinnati Bengals Will Win The AFC North

Why will the Cincinnati Bengals win the AFC North? Why not? It may be difficult, but not impossible for the Bengals to achieve.

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After all the hype surrounding the Browns throughout the off-season, most would think the title of this article makes no sense at all. However, considering all four teams are vastly different than they were in prior years, this may be a chance for the Bengals to possibly take the AFC North. 

Can the Bengals win the AFC North? Yes, they very well could. It won’t be easy, but it’s also not impossible. Here’s why:


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The Marvin Lewis era is officially over. Most Bengals fans should be happy about this alone, but to land a head coach with Sean McVay-type potential, you really can’t go wrong. Taylor is young, smart, and truly ahead of his time.

Whether it will all work out will depend on the product every Sunday, but as a Bengals fan, you have to feel incredibly optimistic heading into the 2019-2020 NFL Season just because of the newly appointed head coach.


Over the last few seasons, the Cincinnati Bengals have had one of the NFL’s most inconsistent offensive lines, which would result in injuries to starting quarterback, Andy Dalton. When your starter goes down, the chances of winning more games after the fact, become very slim.

By drafting two very solid lineman in OT Jonah Williams and OG Michael Jordan, the Bengals finally give themselves some serious help that they so desperately needed at those positions. Although an injury to Bengals first round pick Jonah Williams will keep him out for the 2019 season, the future looks brighter for this offensive line and Andy Dalton.


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After coming into the NFL with a lot of baggage, Joe Mixon has not only stayed out of trouble, he’s also been incredibly productive for the Bengals. After seeing the duo of Jeremy Hill and Gio Bernard end, as a Bengals fan, you have to love the current duo a little more.

Mixon is a shifty, powerful runner who can create plays after contact. Mix in that with Bernards ability to create plays in the receiving game, it could be a nice duo that hasn’t seen a whole lot of action together. This season will be the first time the two will co-exist and play together. As long as the two can remain healthy, it could be a deadly combo.


The Bengals have always had a solid front four that can give some teams a headache all day. For the Bengals, that may be their strongest part of the team.

To have a Pro-Bowl DT that is Geno Atkins still with the team, that automatically gives them a nice run stopper and inside pass-rusher. Add that to some talented defensive ends such as Carlos Dunlap, Carol Lawson and Sam Hubbard, they bring a constant pass rush that every team needs. Opposing teams will have a tough time keeping up with all the pass-rushing capabilities that front four has.

If the Bengals can keep their quarterback healthy, while the young stud in Zac Taylor can coach this young Bengals team up, there really is no telling what this team can achieve. They are truly a wildcard. Until we see how they play on Sunday, keep the optimism in Cincinnati.

After all, everyone starts the season 0-0. 

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