Who Knew: Dolphin’s Players Don’t Like Bosses that Set Themselves up to Fail

Dolphin’s players are trying to get out of Miami

Photo Courtesy of Miami Herald

I’ll have a more in-depth blog about how the Dolphins faired against the Ravens. Here’s a quick snippet of how that blog is going to sound; the Dolphins didn’t play good. That should hold you over until tomorrow.

In the immediate of the 59-10 beatdown the Dolphin’s gratefully accepted, it has been reported that some of the Dolphin’s players are not that into getting embarrassed like that and don’t believe they’ll be able to stomach 15 more of these games. So, they’re running to their agents.

Not sure what players are spearheading this mutiny. My guess is that it is players who are veterans who have accomplished a little bit in this league. Like Kenyan Drake, DeVante Parker, Albert Wilson, Xavien Howard, Jerome Baker, and a few others. Guys who are in contract years who need this year to prove, to other teams, that they are worthy of big contracts. Only a matter of time that this happened so it might as well be week one. Getting thrashed by 49 points will do that especially for a team that is designed to lose by a billion.

I can’t exactly tell you what’s going to happen next. Are some players going to get moved and released as the season goes on? Probably. Who will it be? I have no idea. The Dolphins are in a state of flux that may have never been seen before, so it’s hard telling. Perhaps, Flores and company cut the entire team so that they will have to forfeit every game. Doing that would ensure the #1 pick. Actually thinking about that outlandish scenario makes me believe that is the kind of the idea that gets mentioned as a joke, but then when the laughter dies down someone says “can we actually do that” and the room goes curiously quiet as everyone ponders if they could.

Oh well, we’re on to New England.

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