Who Can Smoke the Most Weed? The New Browns Steelers Rivalry

Who wants to get high?

Let’s face it. On the field, this hasn’t been much of a rivalry in the past 20 years.  Yet, the marijuana battle is finally starting to heat up in the AFC North…and this rivalry is neck and neck.

Josh Gordon

This guy can do it all. DUI, marijuana possession, failed drug tests, all in a rolling 12 month period. Josh Gordon excels in the possession game…and although the Browns have been lacking in the quantity of players holding for a friend, Gordon has really stepped it up as the Browns weed MVP.

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Le’Veon Bell and LeGarrette Blount

(Photo Credit: Jamie McDonald/Getty Images)

It’s like I’m floating bro.

The Steelers have been down and out of this rivalry lately due to Josh Gordon’s commitment to the weed game. Yet in a complete 180, the momentum has shifted and the terrible towels have crept up to take strong command of first place.

(Photo Credit: Al Bello/Getty Images)

Per Ross Township Police:

“It was strong enough that it got his attention at the red light,” said Ross Township Police Det. Brian Kohlhepp. “As they continued forward, he identified the specific car that the smell was coming from. I would think it’d be pretty strong.”

If a cop car is able to pin point your location based on smell alone, you know you are killing the weed game. And talk about teamwork. You don’t often see such chemistry between two running backs who are competing for carries. Props to the Steelers.

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