What the Fifth Pick Means for the Cleveland Cavaliers

The Cavaliers have the fifth pick — what will they do with it?

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The time is eight eastern standard time, and tension is high in Cleveland as The Cavaliers are tied with two other teams who all have a 14% chance at receiving the top pick in the draft. As the clock gets closer and closer to 8:30, every steadfast Cavaliers fan in my house is glued to the television to see if we are going to win the chance to draft Zion Williamson; a perennial game-changer, a generational player in the eyes of many.

The lottery has just began, we now know the top 4 picks in the draft; and wait, the Cavaliers ARE NOT one of those four teams. It was the New York Knicks, Los Angeles Lakers, New Orleans Pelicans, Memphis Grizzlies.

Then what, you may ask? The Cleveland Cavaliers do not have a top 4 pick in the 2019 NBA Draft; it is the end of the world!! Well not quite. I still have optimism; along with many other Cleveland fans as well. Now we ask ourselves who is going to be available when the Los Angeles Lakers make their selection at four. This draft is not the greatest in terms of depth; but there is definitely room to add a big-time impact player to a team desperately looking to find an identity with that fifth pick(keep in mind all of these picks are going to be positions 2-5 because the Cavaliers have found their Point Guard of the future out of the Draft last year, in Collin Sexton)

Let’s take a look at some potential picks for the Cavaliers.

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Zion Williamson (Duke)

Before you say anything about him most-likely going #1, HEAR ME OUT. Yes, Zion Williamson was a great Collegiate Basketball talent like we have never seen before; but we have seen guys who are great in college. Some even appear as future all NBA players, or even All-Stars respectively that fell off due to off-the-court issues or injuries.

I am not hating on Zion.

He averaged 22.6 PPG, while grabbing 8.9 Rebounds a game and 2.1 Assists, while winning a slew of awards that totals to 24 awards! The most prestigious being the 2018-19 Naismith Award. Do not get it twisted; I think he will go #1 but it is fun to live in the hypothetical sometimes.

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RJ Barrett (Duke)

Another Duke Player on this list, well I still highly doubt that RJ will be available when the Cavaliers pick at 5; but he is more likely to be there than Zion. Duke had a big three of guys who are all projected to get selected in the Draft Lottery.

They did not even make the National Championship game. He has great size for your run of the mill NBA wing. You know what you are getting from this guy, Three and D. RJ averaged 22.6 points, 7.6 rebounds, and 4.3 assists. If he is still available for Cleveland when we are up, big time steal.

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De’Andre Hunter (Virginia)

Hunter, arguably one of the nations best defenders; also scored 15.6 points per game on 52% shooting from the field, adding 5.1 rebounds and 2.0 assists. This is the guy I have seen in so many Cavaliers mock drafts the past 12 hours. I am not sure how I feel about him. He is a proven defender and can shoot for accuracy. The only red flag I see on Hunter is he is inconsistent at times on the offensive end of the ball; he tends to try todo too much with the ball, leading to turnovers.

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Jarrett Culver (Texas Tech)

This is the guy that if he is available and with the teams that are drafting ahead of us; as long as they follow team needs will fall to us at 5. He has great size at 6’6 to play the 2 guard. He would gel well with Sexton at the 1, and Osman at the 3. He averaged 18.5 PPG, on 46.1% from the field, grabbing 6.4 rebounds and 3.7 assists.

His offense will be taken to the next level in the pros, along with almost averaging 2 steals a game, his defense at times is overlooked.

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Cam Reddish (Duke)

Cam was viewed as the third option on the 2018-2019 Duke Blue Devils; often overlooked but he is definitely a guy that will be on the Cleveland Cavaliers radar at #5 barring him still being available.

This guy is the definition of 3 and D. He has amazing size to be a good 3 in the NBA. He is a crafty shooter who can shoot off the dribble and come off screens like the best of them. He averaged 13.5 PPG on 35% from the field, also a career 33.3% shooter from beyond the arc; Reddish has amazing range. Cam pulled in 3.7 rebounds, and 1.9 assists per game.

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