Welcome Back to Basketball, Eric Bledsoe!

Eric Bledsoe has come in hot during the first quarter of the fifth game in the NBA Eastern Conference Finals.

Photo courtesy of Sports Illustrated

Eric Bledsoe has scored a whopping 33 TOTAL points through the first four games of the Eastern Conference Finals for the Milwaukee Bucks. 

In fact, Bledsoe has been a huge let down for the Deer after he signed a huge $70 million extension in March. 

But with the reinsertion of Malcolm Brogdon into the Game Five starting lineup, Bledsoe was the biggest beneficiary.

Bledsoe paced the Bucks with nine points on 3-4 shooting in the first quarter. He also had a HUGE alley-oop pass to running mate Giannis Antetokounmpo.

His point guard partner Brogdon also helped his team with eight points and five rebounds, as the Bucks lead 32-22 after the first quarter.

It was also announced today that Bledsoe was named to the NBA’s All-Defensive team, a huge feather in his cap this season.

Either way, the Bucks need Bledsoe to play more like himself and less like Drew Bledsoe (right, Terry Rozier?) to advance to the NBA Finals.

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