BIGPLAY NFL Week 7 Picks Against the Spread

Last Week

Meat:  10 – 5
BMac:  9 – 6
Bode:  9 – 6
Jer:  8 – 7
The Kid:  8 – 7
TBuck:  7 – 8

Season Record

Meat:  19 – 11 (.633)
BMac:  18 – 12 (.600)
Bode:  17 – 13 (.567)
TBuck:  16 – 14 (.533)
Jer:  15 – 15 (.500)
The Kid:  14 – 16 (.467)


NYJ (+9.5) @ NE

 Bode, Jer, The Kid
 Meat, BMac, TBuck

The Kid:  Jets suck.  Geno sucks.  But, the Jets have covered the last three against New England.  I’ll take the points.

Bode:  Rex gets it going with his job on the line.

Meat:  NE is rolling and it’s downhill against the NY Jokes.

Consensus:  SPLIT


ATL (+7.5) @ BAL

 Bode, BMac, Jer, The Kid
 Meat, TBuck

TBuck:  The AFC North is tighter than a virgin’s honey pot.  Baltimore stays focused and rolls.

Meat:  Beating the shit out of Falcons when they’re on the road is just how it goes now.

BMac:  Matty Ice with a garbage time TD for a backdoor cover.

Consensus:  Hotlanta


NO (+3.5) @ DET

 Bode, Jer, The Kid
 Meat, BMac, TBuck

Bode:  Last one to score in this old fashioned shootout wins, but a field goal isn’t enough for Detroit to cover.

Jer:  Saints in the dome after a buy win outright.

TBuck:  Drew Brees on the road verse a tough Detroit defense = $

Consensus:  SPLIT


CAR (+7.5) @ GB

 Meat, Bode, TBuck, Jer
  BMac, The Kid

The Kid:  Carolina earned a tough cover in Cinci last week, but can’t do it in Cheese Country.

Meat:  Cam can cover again now that he’s not stuck in the pocket. GB wins but only by 7.

BMac:  Panthers D is just bad at home.

Consensus:  Carolina


CLE @ JAX (+4.5)

 No one
Consensus:  BIG PLAY LOCK


MIA (+3.5) @ CHI

  Meat, Bode, Jer, BMac, The Kid

Meat:  Bears can beat the Phins by a TD or more at home.  Book it.

The Kid:  Miami going to be hungover after blowing one against the Pack and it’s going to be cold in the Windy City.

TBuck:  The numbers show these teams are closer than you would think.  Take the points.

Consensus:  DA BEARS


TEN (+4.5) @ WAS

  Meat, The Kid
  Bode, Jer, BMac, TBuck

BMac:  Washington has a terrible defense, but Charlie Whitehurst is Charlie Whitehurst

Meat:  Washington has no right getting points from anyone.

Jer:  Tennessee squeaked one out against Jacksonville, while Washington is better than they way they’ve been playing.

Consensus: Redskins


SEA @ STL (+6)

Consensus:   BIG PLAY LOCK

MIN (+4.5) @ BUF

  BMac, TBuck, The Kid
  Meat, Bode, Jer

Bode:  Pillow fight.  Take the home team.

Jer:  If gambling were legal and I, a betting man, I wouldn’t touch this game.

TBuck:  Stay away.  But if you’re a true degenerate gambler, then take the points.

Consensus:  SPLIT


CIN (+2.5) @ IND

  BMac, Jer, The Kid
  Meat, Bode, TBuck

Meat:  No doubt in my mind that Luck doesn’t win and by at least a field goal.

The Kid:  Cinci wins this outright.  No one Colts keep playing out of their minds.

Bode:  No clue, but I’ll go with the home team since Cinci is too inconsistent.

Consensus:  SPLIT


KC (+4.5) @ SD

  Meat, Jer, Bode, TBuck, The Kid

BMac:  Andy Reid is 13 – 2 in his career when coming off of a bye, and the Bolts D looked a bit shaky last week.

The Kid:  Chargers establish dominance in the AFC West. Let the Rivers flow!

TBuck:  They let me down last week but the cover streak had to end at some point.  This will be closer than I like though.

Consensus:  Super Chargers


NYG (+5.5) @ DAL

  BMac, The Kid
  Meat, Bode, Jer, TBuck

BMac:  G-Men have won four of last five in big D.  Classic letdown for the Boys after winning in Seattle.

Jer:  Can’t tell if GMen are good or if they just got lucky a few times.  There’s no doubt about Dallas though.

Meat:  Dallas doesn’t let up after a big road win in Seattle.

Consensus:  SPLIT


ARI @ OAK (+3.5)

  Bode, BMac, TBuck, Jer, The Kid

MeatMan:  Raiders get their first win as Arizona overlooks Carr’s crew.

Jer:  Oakland kept it close against San Diego, but Arizona’s D is another matter.  As close to a lock as I’m willing to give.

Bode:  Lock of the week.

Consensus: Cardinals


SF (+7.5) @ DEN

  Bode, Jer, The Kid, BMac, TBuck

Meat:  San Fran keeps it close enough to prevent Denver from covering.  Denver wins though.

TBuck:  San Fran on a short week heading into the thin air…

BMac:  Bad spot for banged up SF defense to have to go on the road against Peyton on a short week.

Consensus:  Broncos


HOU (+3.5) @ PIT

  Meat, Bode, TBuck
  BMac, Jer, The Kid

BMac:  Pittsburgh bounces back after being humiliated by the Browns.

TBuck:  Pittsburgh sucks.

Jer:  Such a crappy MNF game.  Pittsburgh pulls it together a few more times this season.  This is one of them.

Consensus:  SPLIT

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