WATCH: Terry Francona Trying to Be Athletic

Join Tito in a few good laughs about some fun memories.

Photo courtesy of Business Insiders

Terry (Tito) Francona, manager for the Cleveland Indians, joined Chris Rose and Kevin Milar of International Talk to discuss the Tribes recent run. During the interview, a video pops on the screen of Tito trying to dunk a basketball while spending time with his grandkids.

The hilarious clip is below.

It’s a great quick piece and Francona is priceless, starting right off the bat with a fat joke. The topics revolve around Francona and some of his life events, such as being tossed from a game many years ago, sky diving, and showing up to the All-Star parade on his scooter. To be honest, it’s not much baseball talk, but Tito is a riot.

If you’re looking for a good chuckle and a tiny break from these intense few games, check out the full 10-minuet interview here.

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