WATCH: Colin Cowherd – ‘Right Now, Baker and Eli, Ain’t Much Difference Bruh’

Fox Sports Reporter Colin Cowherd Compares Baker Mayfield to Eli Manning


There has been an ongoing social media brawl between Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield and Fox Sports personality, Colin Cowherd.

With little love lost between the two, Cowherd has now taken to blandly compare Mayfield to New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning.

A spin can pretty much be put on anything. Yes. These comparisons show Manning slightly favored across the board in the displayed stats. Though, Cowherd failed to say that Mayfield averaged 7.7 yards on average per pass compared to the 7.5 Manning managed.

Cowherd also did not mention the 131 rushing yards Mayfield accomplished in 2018. Manning attempted 15 rushes for a pathetic total of 20 yards last year.

Mayfield was also a ROOKIE last year and Manning is a two-time Super Bowl champion. For the latter, Manning’s numbers should have been far more superior across the board for his personal sake.

Now that Cowherd has made another dig at Mayfield, it should be interesting to see if the young quarterback cares to respond. Or perhaps, Mayfield just takes the high road and leaves shading Cowherd to Browns’ fans.

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