Was Letting Brian Hoyer go to Houston the Right Move?

Briasn Hoyer is headed to the Houston Texans. Per Albert Breer of the NFL network:

Hoyer, the hometown hero in Cleveland for half a season, was obviously not part of Browns GM Ray Farmer’s long term plan. If he was, then clearly the coaching staff would have received a text message by now.

Here’s a look at Hoyer’s stats over the last few years, via ESPN:

Screenshot 2015-03-09 at 11.42.23 AM

2014 marked the first year in which Brian Hoyer played anything close to a full season. And although the stats aren’t incredibly noteworthy, there were spurts of greatness. Let’s compare to Ray Farmer’s choice to replace the Cleveland native.

Screenshot 2015-03-09 at 11.43.40 AM

For those complaining that Josh McCown is a downgrade, compare the stats of the two journeymen QBs. 55-56% completion rates, 6-8 yards per toss, 35-45 QBR. 1:1 TD to INT ratio…you are literally getting the exact same guy. Both shows flashes of NFL starter potential, yet both don’t really belong under center of a respectable playoff contending team.


The only difference between these two guys is McCown is from Jacksonville, TX, and Brian Hoyer is from North Olmsted, Ohio.

The hometown hero card is fun to root for, even when losing…but when it’s more fun to drink a case of Bud Light in the muni lot than actually watch the game…well that’s a problem.

Let’s hope that Josh McCown is a filler for something to come…a drug free Manziel who miraculously grew 3 inches in rehab, or an actual NFL QB prospect this April. Either way, we’re right back where we started. So grab a bud light.

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