Vikings Lose Sponsorship After GM’s Shit Show of a Press Conference

Hey Radisson. We plastered you all over the wall. Now we’re going to let this idiot field questions that he has no chance of sufficiently answering. Let’s go.

Spielman during yesterday afternoon’s press conference in defense of AP:

“When you look at the photos, the photos are disturbing. I understand that. But to be clear, any matter that’s involving the child is very important for this organization but we also think that it is right for him to go through the process legally.”

The Vikings organization acknowledges child abuse photos are disturbing (nice work). But because public outcry has not reached Ray Rice Punch Out Video status, they aren’t pressed into a corner quite yet.

Radisson issued this statement shortly after the press conference fail.


The entire time Rick Spielman babbled on, America stared at the Radisson sponsorship.



And another marketing intern in charge of press conference backdrops bites the dust.

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