VIDEO: Troy Aikman Awkwardly Remembers Cooper Kupp’s Dad on TNF Broadcast

Hall of Fame QB Troy Aikman has taken a couple to the head over his great career for the Dallas Cowboys. And every now and again, he randomly remembers certain people he used to play with…like Craig Kupp, father to one of today’s best WRs, Cooper Kupp.

Next time you remember a teammate randomly on air, mayyyybe build them up a little better than this:

Watch this guys…I’m going to chug a cup of coffee. BOOM. Took longer than Craig Kupp’s entire career. Surprised that guy was even able to have kids!

Kudos to Troy Aikman for finally putting two and two together that a guy with the last name Kupp who backed him up in 1999 had a son who was playing in a game that he was calling. Great stuff, guys.

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