Stephen A Smith: “Jason Garrett is the Walking Epitome of Everything That Black Folks in America Lament”

Stephen A. Smith is notoriously known for annoying 95% of America with his daily antics. He lived up to it today, discussing Jason Garrett and his “pass” for not getting fired for being white.


Jason Garret may not be the greatest coach of all time…but the guy lost his franchise QB after a 2-0 start. C’mon man…do you want Jerry Jones to pull a Jimmy Haslam and hire and fire a new head coach each calendar year?

Also, Stephen A. followed up this gem with an equally solid tweet, reflecting on his “personal lesson for the day”…which gave the trolls plenty of ammunition.

You can’t copy and paste IMG_4288.PNG and think it’ll just show up, Steve.

Maybe he’s smarter than us all, and didn’t want people to see his “personal” lesson for the day. But in that case…no need to tweet, old man.

Never change, Stephen A.

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