Video: Soccer Ref Completely Emasculates Chelsea’s Coach

Referee emasculates coach

Photo Courtesy of Bleacher Report

I can’t stop watching this video. Everything about it is so enjoyable. To the ref sternly jogging then walking towards this coach while he’s pointing at him and then gesturing to him to get up. To the coach trying to hold his ground and stay seated only to eventually understand who runs this place, to me not knowing or caring at all why this guy earned a yellow card. It’s the perfect amount of soccer footage, for me until the World Cup whenever that is again.

I don’t think this soccer coach can really think of himself as a coach anymore. I mean, how is he ever going to command the room and lead a group of men anywhere when we know full well that this referee pwned him something fierce? The answer is he can’t. This ref is his daddy and nothing will ever change that.

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