VIDEO: Nick Bosa Plants Flag on Baker Mayfield’s Dead Body

The Cleveland Browns probably won’t be getting flexed into primetime any time soon. Why? Well, because they look horrendous, most notably thanks to their leader, Baker Mayfield.

So when Nick Bosa knocked Baker down for the thousandth time last night, he decided to smear it in the 2nd year QB’s face with a throwback to college.

What goes around comes around, Baker.

If you talk trash, and you don’t shake hands before playing, and you plant flags on college teams, it’s going to come back to bite you especially if you crap your pants on game day.

The overhyped Browns are 2-3, and San Fran remains undefeated. Will Cleveland bounce back against Seattle?

Forget a bounce back. Let’s see if Baker can get OBJ 3 catches in a game. Baby steps, Cleveland.

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