VIDEO: Luke Voit is a Robot

Luke Voit takes a pitch off his jaw and comes out unscratched.

Photo Courtesy of: NY Post

Anyone who has played baseball before knows how much it hurts to get beaned by a pitch. I knew baseball wasn’t for me once kids started hurling 50 MPH rocks near my body. I wasn’t hit too often, but I still remember how much those stung.

Now it would cost a pretty penny for me to get hit by a pitch from an MLB player, and if I did, I’d be rolling on the dirt seething in pain. Good thing I’m not Luke Voit. Rockies pitcher, Chad Bettis, nailed Voit right in the kisser with a 91 MPH heater.

Somehow or another, Voit was perfectly fine. The trainers went out to check on the machine, but he seemed okay. He trotted down to first and eventually went on to score. He came out of the game later that inning, but that might’ve been due to the fact the Yankees were up 9-0.

If that pitched was all of 3 inches higher, Voit may not have been so lucky!

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