VIDEO: LeBron James as T-Rex Eating Lance Stephenson Off a Toilet Perfectly Sums Up Game 3

The Warriors are pretty ecstatic this morning. Cavs fan have been temporarily sidetracked from trolling GSW and their 3-1 blown lead thanks to the Pacers record breaking 25 point chokejob last night.

To be fair…it wasn’t exactly a chokejob, but rather the best basketball player in the world dominating a lesser opponent.

Which can now be perfectly captured in the form of a T-Rex, thanks to @cycle and @world_wide_wob:

LeBron James turned in a 41 point triple double last night, as Pacers fans tried their best to cope with their impending doom.

Paul George is a great player. But LeBron James is one of the best. Bring out your brooms, Cleveland. This one is over. 

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