VIDEO: LeBron Gave Himself a High-Five After Dwight Howard Left Him Hanging on Lakers Bench

Oh come on, Dwight… How can you do your man like this?! The Lakers’ chemistry has been sensational this year, as the team is at the top of the Western Conference standings with an 11-2 record following a solid win over the Hawks. However, when it comes to celebrations, the team needs to get on the same page ASAP:

Well, if anything, this proves LeBron is human after all. How many times has this happened to the Average Joe? Welcome to the club, LeBron.

While this was a pretty hilarious moment, the Lakers truly are looking like a force early on this season. Plenty of time for this team to get the handshakes back on the right track. Who knows, they may be exchanging a lot of them come NBA Finals time. Yup, L.A. is looking that good right now.

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