VIDEO: Enes Kanter Says ‘Princess’ LeBron James Won’t Punk Out Knicks

Enes Kanter and LeBron James had a minor scuffle last night. Kanter had some harsh words for James regarding his showboating in Madison Square Garden last season when playing the water bottle flip game during a win. The term “Princess” was used in place of King to describe LeBron by Kanter.

“I’ll tell you one thing, this team is really special. And you ain’t coming to my house, playing that water bottle flip game again. I don’t care who you are, what you call yourself, King, Queen, Princess, whatever you are. You know what, we’re going to fight. Ain’t nobody out there gonna punk us.”

LeBron laughed it off throwing shade at Kanter while reminding us that he’s the King.

There’s now reason for fans to actually care about watching Cavaliers vs. Knicks games.

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