Video: Don’t Ever Think You’re Going to Beat Monmouth by 57 Points

Everyone knows there no quit in the Monmouth Hawks

Photo Courtesy of Kansas City Star

It’s like my Grandfather always said, “never turn your back on a Monmouth Hawk because if you do they will come up from behind and steal a victory right out from under you lose only by 55 points instead of 57.” He would say it all the time, but I never knew what it actually meant. Now I do.

Serves you right to think you can just dribble the final few seconds up 57 points on another team. Maybe next time you’re up 57 points, you’ll keep your head on a swivel and understand that there’s no quit in some competitors. Sure, that kid that sidled up should have been trying to do that more often during the game when they weren’t down 57 points, but there’s no opportunity like the present. And at that present time, the only proper thing to do was to sneak up behind him, steal the ball, dunk all over the entire state of Kansas and then proceed to let the Jayhawks know that you will not embarrass some actual Hawks.

What I’d like to know is what exactly did this snake in the grass say to the Kansas player after the dunk? What could you possibly say that will make any kind of sense? Do you say “hey man homie don’t play that or don’t think you can just dribble around without getting your pocket picked because I’ll let you know that it’s going to be a long night?”

What I can say is that Monmouth’s coach thought it might have not been the smartest move to steal the ball and score down 57 points and then taunt Kansas in their own gym.

Bubble teams look out because when it’s time for the NCAA committee to see who’s going to be the last teams getting in, they’re going to remember the scrappy, play to the whistle Monmouth Hawks and everything they can do. Then is when we’ll look back at this situation and understand that there’s a method to the madness.

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