Vegas Lists Arizona Cardinals as Favorites to Win Super Bowl

The gamblers of the world are getting ready to throw down some serious coin as the NFL Playoffs approach. With 14 teams still technically alive in the playoff race, here are the official odds for each team if you’re looking to play a bet.

  • Cardinals (3/1)
  • Patriots (16/5)
  • Panthers (6/1)
  • Seahawks (8/1)
  • Broncos (10/1)
  • Steelers (14/1)
  • Packers (18/1)
  • Chiefs (20/1)
  • Bengals (25/1)
  • Jets (35/1)
  • Vikings (40/1)
  • Redskins (60/1)
  • Texans (70/1)
  • Colts (9999/1)

Arizona looks great with no glaring weakness. The placement as the top favorite makes sense.

Carolina has to feel a little disrespected. After going 14-0, they are behind two teams due to one loss.

How are the Steelers above teams that have actually clinched a playoff spot?

Don’t even joke about putting a $1 on the Colts. They aren’t making the playoffs. Just buy a candy bar or give the dollar to a homeless person.

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