Urban Meyer’s Legacy

Legacy, a word that many men and women strive to define for their entire lives. One of the very meanings of life that sadly most will never know the outcome. Our impact on our children, family, friends, employers, co-workers, and basically any life that we come into contact with over this short period of life that we have. How will you be remembered? In the case of many the results take years upon years, but in athletics, legacies are extensively earned and shortly judged.

In the case of the Urban Meyer, winning 85% of your games over a 17-year period is a great start to establishing your case on Mount Rushmore of legacies. It is rather remarkable that a coach for that period of time worst season would be 8-5 with an Outback Bowl victory in his final game with the University of Florida. He was 7-0 against “TTUN” and had one of the most incredible runs of having draft picks go to the NFL and have major success.

Urban was the man to be around for instance look at his understudies, Dan Mullen and Tom Herman. Both won their bowl games this year and are leading to very prolific programs on a rebuild that might be on the rise. Meyer on the field is absolutely flawless, but sadly in this day and age, we have to analyze both angles.

Meyer had tremendous problems with his players at the University of Florida including over 30 arrests during his period as head coach. Memorably, Aaron Hernandez. Urban has received massive amounts of scrutiny for his handling of now all personnel with the Gators, including at that time WR coach Zach Smith. All of these problems coming back to haunt him this year a week before the season. That situation mixed in with every issue at the University of Florida, Meyer has been crucified as an amazing coach with horrible morals. Until he came to The Ohio State University.

See what people who don’t follow this program religiously and love Buckeye football don’t see is pictures and caption like the one displayed below.

Urban has established a culture in Columbus that competes in the top of the country year in and year out. Jim Tressel put the Buckeyes in the right direction after the 90s and Urban Meyer got them to the destination as one of the most dominant football programs in the country. When we talk legacy the body of work on the football field that we all love to enjoy, but from a Buckeye Nation perspective, I am more excited to see what Urban has to offer within the university at his new position. No folks, I don’t believe this is going to be another come back and coach after a year break, it’s a wrap.

Happy Wife Happy Life.

Meyer is going to move on and become Athletic Director after Gene Smith retires and establish this winning culture, the morals, and values that he wrote about in his book, “Above the Line”, and guide The Ohio State University in all areas to succeed. So as far as legacy goes, on the field we see the body of work, we the see the athletes in the NFL, the championships, but now we will see the culture on a larger level. We’ve witnessed many chapters of this fascinating book called Urban Meyer’s Life and the next chapter is about to be written. So enjoy retirement, Urban we look forward to the future.




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