Upsets, Chalk, and Kentucky: Bracket Breakdown

According to Vegas, Kentucky’s got as good of a shot at winning it all as the rest of the field.  That’s even money to win the national title and go an unprecedented 40 – 0.  Odds are, just about everyone in the office is going to follow the chalk and pencil in Kentucky to win it all.

If you’re going to pick Kentucky, you’d sure as hell better be spot on with the rest of your picks.  You’ll have to nail a few choice upsets to differentiate your bracket from your HR manager’s eight-year-old daughter’s, while being aware of who isn’t going to choke out.

After a season of watching quite a bit of college basketball, as well as consuming everything the experts are saying, here’s one writer’s foray into the depths of the bracket and attempt to help you navigate through the madness.

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