Upon Further Review: Johnny Manziel vs. Chicago

Manziel fan boys were giddy with excitement last night, because of one play where Johnny scrambled, stayed alive, and completed a pass to Nate Burleson for 27 yards.

This was apparently exciting enough to make them forget about the wounded-duck jump balls Manziel was chucking to nowhere in particular prior to that.  In fact, any time Manziel tried to make a completion further than 15 yards down field, he was unable to throw a spiral.

On one throw, Manziel missed his receiver so horribly, Charles Johnson was inches away from eating through a straw for the next six weeks.  Kudos to CJ for going up for it anyway, but considering the dearth of receiving talent on the squad, this shit can’t happen.

Despite his inaccuracy and inability to throw a spiral, Manziel was not intercepted.   He did fumble twice, losing one, and showed he’s a strip-sack waiting to happen in the pocket.

6 of 17 (35%) for 83 yards and a touchdown…against the third team defense of the Bears.

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