UFC Reportedly Considering Floyd Mayweather vs. CM Punk Fight

The most ridiculous must-see fight in UFC history could be taking place soon if rumors of Floyd Mayweather facing CM Punk are true. Mayweather has been teasing making his MMA debut at some point in 2018. It would be difficult to envision him doing well against Conor McGregor or any other successful MMA fighter.

Enter CM Punk. The former WWE star has only competed in one UFC fight and was decimated. Similar to Mayweather, Punk likely won’t do well against any established fighters. Joe Rogan has speculated about the two facing off in a money match this year.

Betting odds have already opened up indicating Punk would be the favorite to win the fight. This would be the biggest fight ever between two dudes that have no business in the octagon, which makes it brilliant.

Dana White, make it happen.

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