Tristan Thompson Reportedly Fought Draymond Green at LA Club

After four straight Finals, rumor has it tensions finally spilled over into the real world between Tristan Thompson and Draymond Green.

Thompson and Green got into it at the end of game one, with Thompson imploring Green to join him in fisticuffs after the game, presumably after school by the willow tree.

Green offered a mixed response to Thompson’s invitation, implying he’d fight him anytime, just not in a scenario where the NBA could impact his wallet.

“I can’t meet him outside of here because I’ll still get fined, but I can meet him in the streets any day. You can say something like, ‘Meet you at the bus.’ I’m gonna keep taking care of my family. I ain’t gonna meet you at the bus. But the summer, you can meet anybody anywhere, so all this, ‘Meet me outside,’ ‘Meet me at the bus,’ I ain’t gonna give up money for that. If you wanna see me somewhere else, that’s fine. Any time.”

It appears everything came to a frothy head at Delilah, a club in LA apparently. They probably listen to Drake there while paying 1500% markup on bottles to look cool.

Here’s the rumor from some website called Bossip:

The players got into a big fight earlier this month inside LA nightspot Delilah, multiple sources told BOSSIP. Both ballers were in the nightclub for a private party after the ESPY Awards July 18th, and we’re told that Thompson – dad of baby girl True with Khloe Kardashian – socked Green with a two-piece, getting the better of the NBA Champion.

And it was none other than their fellow teammates LeBron James and Kevin Durant then quickly stepped in to break up the fracas, we’re told. James apparently had enough and left the party shortly after the alleged incident.

The last part is fitting, considering LeBron also had enough of fighting the Warriors in the Finals so he left Cleveland for that Hollywood lifestyle.

There’s your fun little rumor for a nice summer afternoon. Thompson was lucky LBJ and KD broke it up before Green had a chance to deliver his patented and devastating kick to the nuts. You have to assume Thompson would love nothing more than a few more Kardashian babies with the fat one who is now skinny.



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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. When keeping it real goes wrong

    August 10, 2018 at 8:40 am

    How’s Draymond gonna throw a punch with all those rings???! Oooooooh

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