Trent Dilfer Exposed as Complete Dumbass

Trent Dilfer was so bad as an NFL quarterback that his very name became synonymous with throwing interceptions.  As kids, if you were an awful QB in the backyard, you got nicknamed “Dilfer.”  Granted, Dilfer won a Super Bowl, benefiting from his team having the greatest defense in NFL history.  But his time as an analyst on ESPN has been just as laughable as his quarterbacking career.

Back on September 29, the Patriots were utterly dominated by the Kansas City Chiefs 41 – 14.  Before the game, Trent Dilfer offered a rather scathing attack on the New England front office.  He essentially accused them of of not giving Tom Brady enough weapons to be successful, and that they had grown complacent to winning championships, content to just make the playoffs each year.

While Steve Young had some harsh criticism alongside Dilfer, he wouldn’t go as far as to subscribe to the asinine theory that they were no longer trying to win the Super Bowl.

Dilfer, apparently feeling exceedingly prescient after the Chiefs routed the Patriots, saved his best take on New England for last.

After Dilfer’s genuis observation, New England proceeded to rattle off seven straight wins before dropping a tough one in Green Bay.  Along the way they throttled Cincinnati, Chicago, Denver, Indianapolis, Detroit, and Miami by three touchdowns or more.

But, according to Dilfer, “they’re not good anymore!”

Dilfer did come out and eat a bit of humble pie after New England’s win over Denver, claiming he had a “knee-jerk reaction” to the loss against KC.  Considering his words were just as harsh before that game as after, sounds like a guy trying to save a little face who embarrassed himself big time.

Now that New England’s run the table and squares off as a pick’em against Seattle in the Super Bowl, it’s plain to see Dilfer’s as bad at commenting on games as he was quarterbacking them.


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