Tom Brady Appears Uncomfortable in Deflate-Gate Presser

This isn’t Tom Brady’s first rodeo. He’s used to reporters asking him trap questions like “when and how did you alter the balls?” and “look into the camera and address your fans….is Tom Brady a cheater?”. After throwing the rookie bullshit questions out the window, his answers weren’t genuine Tom Brady answers.

For a guy who is so particular in his picking and reviewing of the balls, you’d think he’d notice any alterations, in game or not. He claims that he wouldn’t be able to tell if a ball was deflated, but then later talks about how 12.2 ounces is the perfect weight for a football.

Each answer seemed so incredibly political that it’s hard to believe him given the Patriots history of both lying and cheating.

While it’s entirely possible that Tom Brady didn’t notice any difference in the balls, we aren’t buying it. Are you?

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