Tipico Sportsbook Offer Terms and Conditions 


o For these Terms & Conditions, Tipico uses the term “Bet Credit” which can also be called a “Free Bet” for marketing purposes in jurisdictions that permit such terminology.

Offer Description  

o Successfully share a mobile screen-shot/photo of a $25 or more NCAA Men’s Basketball straight bet or parlay wager betslip to applicable BIGPLAY social media handles to receive Squares for the entire NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament between 03/20/2024 at 12:00 PM ET and 04/08/2024 at 12:00 PM ET for a chance to win up to $620 in Bet Credits to use in the TipicoSportsbook. Terms apply.

Terms of Tipico’s Tourney Mayhem BIGPLAY Squares Offer

Offer Period  

o The Tipico Tourney Mayhem BIGPLAY Squares Offer (the “Offer”) is only valid from 03/20/2024 at 12:00 PM ET until 04/08/2024 at 12:00 PM ET.

Offer Eligibility/Opting In 

o The Offer is only available to customers that have a verified real money sportsbook wagering account in good standing and who received the Offer directly from Tipico (“eligible customers”).  


o Open a verified real money sportsbook wagering account in good standing and pass verification by 03/20/2024 at 12:00 PM ET(“eligible customers”). A verified real money sportsbookwagering account can be created by clicking here.

Required Action(s) 

o To qualify, eligible customers must successfully share a mobile screen-shot/photo of a $25 or more NCAA Men’s Basketballstraight bet or parlay wager betslip to applicable BIGPLAYsocial media handles to receive Squares for the entire NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament during the Offer Period.

Additional Guidelines 

o Eligible customers that share a mobile screen-shot/photo of a $25or more NCAA Men’s Basketball straight bet or parlay qualifying wager betslip(s) to applicable BIGPLAY social media handles to receive Squares for the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament.

o Qualifying wagers are those on games or events with odds longer than [-300] (equivalent to decimal odds higher than 1.33) or parlay wagers with combined odds longer than [-300] (equivalent to decimal odds higher than 1.33)

o The maximum Bet Credit amount Tipico will award for the Offeris $620. 

o Eligible customers that do not share a mobile screen-shot/photo of a $25 or more NCAA Basketball straight bet or parlay wager to applicable BIGPLAY channel social handles during the Offer Period will not receive a Bet Credit of any amount.

o The Bet Credit will be credited to all qualified participants’accounts no later than 48 hours after the conclusion of each NCAA Men’s Basketball tournament round.

o This promotion is only available for patrons located within the state of Ohio.

Terms of Tipico’s Tounrey Mayhem BIGPLAY Squares

Tipico’s Tounrey Mayhem BIGPLAY Squares

o A Square will have two sets of numbers either zero (0) – nine (9) that represents the final digit of both respective team’s final score.

▪ The last digit of the WINNING team will indicate which numbers across the Top of the Squares grid will represent the WINNING teams.

▪ The numbers down the left side of the Squares grid will represent the LOSING teams.

▪ Example: If your Square is numbered with WINNINGTeam ’3’ and LOSING Team ‘0’, The WINNING Team’s score must end in a 3 and the LOSING Team’sfinal score must end in a 0 to win.

• Final Score: 73 – 60

o Once the screenshot/photo of the $25 or more NCAA Men’s Basketball Straight bet or Parlay wager has been sent to the BIGPLAY social media pages. BIGPLAY will update the board of 100 squares for the entire NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament with the users social media handle name that lists which two numbers each participant will have.

o The maximum number of Squares a customer can receive is five (5). Square totals breakdown is the following:

o A qualifying wager of $25 – $49.99 will receive one (1) square.

o A qualifying wager of $50 – $99.99 will receive three (3) squares. 

o A qualifying wager $100 or more will receive five (5) squares. 

o BIGPLAY will be updating the board for the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament Games when a selection has been filled out and all squares will be randomly assigned from using a random number generator.

o The grid has a limit of only 100 Squares will be available for this competition. If the Squares board is filled out, no entries will be permitted.

Terms of Tipico’s Bet Credit

Claiming this Reward  

o The Bet Credit will be credited to the participant who has the winning Square for each corresponding NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament Game to their accounts no later than forty-eight (48) hours after each NCAA Men’s Basketball round.

o Bet Credit amounts are credited per round.

o Round of 64: $5 Bet Credit to the winner of every eligible game.

o Round of 32: $5 Bet Credit to the winner of every eligible game.

o Round of 16: $10 Bet Credit to the winner of every eligible game.

o Quarterfinals: $25 Bet Credit to the winner of every eligible game.

o Semi-Finals: $50 Bet Credit to the winner of every eligible game.

o Championship Game: $100 Bet Credit to the winner of every eligible game.

o Participants that have winning Squares will be contacted a representative from BIGPLAY on X (formerly known as Twitter) to collect information to confirm the winner to credit their account.

o Participants will need to have their Tipico Account’s in good standing to receive a Bet Credit.

o Qualified participants must claim their Bet Credit on the Promotions page of their account within fourteen (7) days from the date of credit. The Bet Credit is credited to all qualified participants’ bonus wallets once claimed.

o Qualified participants must select the Bet Credit in the betslip to place a Bet Credit wager.

Reward Guidelines

o A Bet Credit is a promotional offer that can only be used for betting on sporting events. 

Bet Credit will expire if not used within thirty (30) days from the date of credit. 

o A Bet Credit is non-dividable and can only be applied to one (1) bet slip.  

o A Bet Credit is subject to wagering requirements, non-withdrawable, and can only be used to place wagers. 

o A Bet Credit cannot be combined with any real money wagers.Real funds must be used before bonus funds can be used to place a wager. 

Reward Turnover/Wagering Requirements

o There are no turnover requirements for Bet Credit winnings.

o There are no minimum or maximum odds requirements for a Bet Credit wager.

o Bet Credit wagers can only be applied to all wager types unless otherwise specified to count towards the Bet Credit’s turnover/wagering requirements: 

o A Bet Credit cannot be applied to Round Robin wagers and must meet all other wagering requirements specified.

o If a Bet Credit wager results in a win, Bet Credit winnings are credited as withdrawable real money. Bet Credit winnings are calculated as the value of the Bet Credit multiplied by the odds on the betslip minus the value of the Bet Credit (e.g., if the Bet Credit value is $500, submitted at -110 odds, $455 in winnings will be credited without the $500 Bet Credit value.)

o Bet Credit winnings are credited to all qualified participants’ real money wallets once a Bet Credit wager is won. Qualified participants can withdraw Bet Creditwinnings as real money or place additional wagers once credited.

o In the event of a tie or dead heat, a Bet Credit wager is considered a loss.   

o Any Bet Credit wagers settled as “canceled” is deemed null and will not be reimbursed.   

If a Bet Credit wager does not settle within thirty (30) days from the date of credit, the Bet Credit will be forfeited.

Prioritization of Funds

o Real funds will be drawn from the participant’s account prior to a Bet Credit when placing qualifying wagers for the Offer. Other Offers may prioritize the order of funds used for placing wagers differently. Please ensure you check the Terms and Conditions for the specific Offer you are opted into for the prioritization of funds when wagering.     

Cancellation/Opting Out

o Participants may cancel their participation in the Offer and forfeit their Bet Credit by contacting us at our Help Center.     

o Participants may opt-out of the Offer at any point after claiming the Offer on their My Account page; however, any Bet Credit in their account will be forfeited at the time of opt-out, and all wagers placed with Bet Credit will be voided. All real money in your account will remain and is withdrawable.   

Restrictions and Limitations  

Withdrawal Restrictions 

o Any withdrawal request from your account of real money while the Offer is active will constitute opting out of the Offer.   

Restrictions on Use

o Tipico classifies risk-free and low-risk bets as abuse of the Offer and will void participants’ participation in the Offer. Tipico defines risk-free and low-risk bets as placing a wager on multiple outcomes of the same event, which results in less risk to the funds wagered.   

o Participants are eligible for one (1) Offer per person, account, household, residence, address (but not a PO Box or business address), internet connection (for example IP address), computer, mobile device, and payment method (for example, a specific credit card or bank account)     

o The Offer is non-transferable and non-refundable.     

o The Offer is subject to Tipico’s Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, and House Rules.     

o Tipico may reclaim any Bet Credit that have been awarded in error.     

o Tipico reserves the right, in our sole discretion, to disqualify any customer from the Offer who (i) is suspected of or found to be tampering with the Offer in any way, (ii) breaches these Terms or the Terms and Conditions, or (iii) otherwise violates or abuses any aspect of the Offer. Any Bet Credit and any winnings from such matched Bet Creditwill be reclaimed from any disqualified accounts, in consultation with the state gaming regulators when necessary.      

o Tipico’s decisions are final on all matters relating to the Offer.     

o Tipico may make non-material changes to these Terms without notice. Tipico may make changes or cancel these Terms or the Offer if required to do so for regulatory or legal reasons.     

o The Offer may not be combined with any other offers or promotions.     

o The Restrictions on Use apply equally to the promotion and Bet Credit terms.       

Limitations on Participation

o Participants must have an active Tipico account that is in “good standing” to be eligible for the Offer.   

o Participants must be physically located in the state where the Offer is available.    

o Participants must be 21 years of age or older to gamble.    

o Participants must not be on an exclusion list or self-exclusion list.    

o By accepting the Offer, participants agree to abide by the Terms and Conditions of the Offer.    

Additional Terms and Conditions

o The Offer is subject to all applicable federal, state, and local laws and regulations and is void where prohibited or restricted by law.    

o Employees of Tipico and their respective parent companies, affiliates, subsidiaries, officers, directors, employees, contractors, and advertising agencies are not eligible for this or any Offer.    

o Management reserves the right to refuse or otherwise restrict your eligibility to participate in any Offer for any reason, in our sole discretion, including based on patron wagering patterns or wagering history or betting on both sides of a game or if the patron failed to take advantage of any previous Offer in good faith.    

o Management reserves the right to change, modify, terminate, suspend, or cancel the Offer and event at any time without notice.   


Gambling Problem? 

o If you or someone you know has a gambling problem, help is available.   

OH residents call: 1-800-Gambler