Report: Antonio Brown Officially Requests to Be Traded, Says Goodbye on Twitter

Antonio Brown officially requests that the Pittsburgh Steelers trade him

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It’s finally time for the Pittsburgh Steelers and All-Pro wide receiver Antonio Brown to part ways. No, this isn’t another speculation or rumor, but in fact, a very public request from Brown himself. Brown tweeted earlier today a thank you to Steeler Nation and goodbye all in one.

But really, this announcement shouldn’t have come as a surprise. There has been countless incidents and drama leading to this that it’s hard to count it all. Remember Brown has played for a team that’s played through adversity and the Rooney’s weren’t going to put up with his shenanigans much longer.

Think of another situation like Brown’s, something this bad, and ask yourself if the Rooney’s have ever put up with it. The answer is very easy; no. Whether this talk of being traded was a mutual decision between both Brown and the Steelers, it wouldn’t have lasted much longer if the attitude didn’t change.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported that Brown has also officially asked for a trade from the Steelers.

So assuming that this is the end of a very fun nine-year run with Antonio Brown, what’re your feelings on the trade request? 

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