Time to Move on From Antonio Brown

Last Friday, Brown made an appearance on HBO’s “The Shop” with LeBron James and had his other debut on ESPN the following day.

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I’m writing this with high hopes that this will be the last lengthy article where I type out my opinions on a player that wants nothing to do with an organization that treated him quite well, from the outside at least.

I’m probably wrong, but a girl can dream.

After many incidents, Brown finally sat down and talked with Art Rooney II. They even posed for a picture, a picture that was quite strange for Rooney to pose in. If you know anything about the Steelers organization and the Rooney family, you know that they are ones to stick to their word and hold their ground.

After this photo was posted on Brown’s Instagram, I think it’s safe to say things got a lot more confusing for a whole lot of football fans. Looking at that picture and the caption with it, you would think both parties came to some kind of mutual understanding that neither of their reputations needed to be ruined.

I was wrong, again.

Brown had other plans in mind. Last Friday, Brown made an appearance on HBO’s “The Shop” with LeBron James and had his other debut on ESPN the following day. He addressed a lot but seemed like he was trying to take down a few people in the works of it all.

His interviews pretty much matched up with the way he phrases things on Twitter. They just don’t make that much sense. I truly believe everything that comes out of his mouth makes sense to him, just not to others. Brown is something else, or Mr. Big Chest, I should say.

I can understand an athlete wanting to clear his name, especially if there are rumors about your value or your ego circling around. But his appearances on these very popular shows weren’t all to clear his name. Brown targeted Ben Roethlisberger, Kevin Colbert, Mike Tomlin, Rooney and of course the entire organization. Things that he has said and posted has to make you think, how many teams can really be interested in the drama that comes with him?

I will never take away AB’s athleticism. He’s an incredible wide receiver with a talent that not many possess. If you have any skepticism about his talents, do yourself a favor and watch this.

Here are some of the takeaways from Brown’s interviews:

“I’m a little banged up. So, I meet with coach Tomlin and I’m telling him like, hey, man, I’m a little banged up. So, I’m going to need a little time to get right. So he’s like, if you’re banged up, man, just, you know, you, you can just go home.”

I have a funny feeling that we’ll never know the truth to this one. It was reported that Tomlin told Brown to take off the practice before the Cincinnati game. But then Tomlin reported that Brown didn’t answer any of his calls on Friday or Saturday leading up to the game. I’m not sure in what world it would be considered right for a coach to tell his number one receiver to sit out and then punish him for it. That’s why I’m somewhat skeptical about AB’s ‘truth.’

A subtle shot at Roethlisberger:

“He feels like he’s the owner. I would’ve liked for me and Ben to be cool. You know what I mean? I thought we was cool. But when you think … I’ve been to his house one time. He’s been to my house one time. You know what I mean. We don’t work out in the offseason. You think that’s winning. That’s not winning.”

And of course, one for Rooney:

“If you work for me for nine years, wouldn’t you expect you to know my girlfriend’s name or my dad’s name or my kid or, you know, would you expect me to meet your kid or at least know you on the level of some sort of integrity to know, like, ‘Hey, man, I appreciate what you do.’ I would like to know the guy I work for got my best interest. I would like to know the team got my best interest.”

I know I don’t know what exactly goes on in an NFL organization, but wow. The Rooney’s made Brown the highest paid wide receiver after 2016 without even putting consideration with the drama he brought in.

“I don’t even have to play football if I don’t want. I don’t even need the game. I don’t need to prove nothing to anyone. If they wanna play, they going to play by my rules. If not, I don’t need to play.”

Now really, are you going to dismiss this if you have the best interest of your team in mind? Are you, as a true fan going to want someone on your team that has that mentality? Just wondering, honestly.

“I don’t have an ego because, like, bro, I’m just trying to win. I don’t like being the center of attention.”

I don’t even have to explain why I added this one.

Larry Fitzgerald, former offensive lineman, and Mark Schlereth, a three-time Super Bowl champion had something to add after Brown’s interview as well.

“I love AB,” Fitzgerald said. “Mr. Big Chest is a good friend of mine, but I don’t think he’s going about it the right way, personally. To be able to play with an all-time quarterback like he’s able to play with, I don’t think he understands how good he has it. It can get tough out there.”

Schlereth got the last comment, which will, in turn, leave you with at least a good laugh.

“I think in life you should try to aspire to not be a turd.”

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