Timberwolves Fan Grabs Timofey Mosgov’s Butt

People are weird.

Last night during the Cavaliers Timberwolves blowout, a court side fan decided it would be a good idea to touch Cavs center Timofey Mosgov’s butt during the game.

Mosgov had this to say in the locker room following the incident:

“Yeah, I looked at this dude. He smiled. Like, I don’t know why he touched me. But, you know, the game was going on, so I got to throw it out and keep running the game, right.”

Given that the ass grab happened in the 4th quarter, we’re fairly confident that the fan was loaded. At least we hope so. Not sure what’s creepier, the grabbing of the butt, or directly smiling at Mosgov after the fact. Super rich guys are into some weird shit.

Cavs win, 125-99.

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