This Guy Seems to Be a Tad Upset About the Warriors Not Covering

These TVs never stood a chance.

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You don’t usually see two TVs get smashed when someone’s team loses, but I guess when you lose “too much money on that shit” two TVs, that will have to be replaced assumingly by money, is understandable. Not sure about the choke hold/take out of the room move he put on his friend, but the two TVs destroying is fine with me and by fine by mean I mean it’s pretty much only fine with this guy.

Weird to see the response of the folks in that room. Seemed like they were pretty passive about what was going on. I have a feeling that this isn’t the first time this young gentleman has lost “too much money on this shit” and went all smashy-smashy on TVs. When he positioned his chair two feet away from the TV, they probably knew that this was going to be happening.

Oh well, I’m sure he apologized later on and understands that he has to control his anger. That’s typically how gambling stories end.

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