This ESPN Anchor Tried to Make 19 Yr Old Andrew Wiggins Cry on National TV

ESPN’s Bram Weinstein conducted this interview yesterday with Andrew Wiggins. You should probably just go ahead and watch it first:

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Andrew- do you think your parents even like you? Do you think they want to keep you? Why do you think that they actually still may like you?

Let’s fire back at Bram Weinstein for being a complete dick:

Bram, in 2010 when no one liked you, and there were rumors of you getting the can at ESPN for botching countless segments…how did that make you feel? Did you know that ESPN was considering firing you? Did you think ESPN still wanted you? Tell me about how no one wanted you…tell me.

Luckily Bram turned out to be a solid anchor, so we’ll chalk this insanely awkward interview up to an ESPN ratings grab. Weak move, ESPN.

In any event…you’ve got to feel bad for Andrew Wiggins. Every Cavs executive and fan will use the go to phrase “it’s a business” when defending this trade scenario. And while that’s true…you can’t blame Andrew Wiggins when he schedules his 2018 nationally televised “fuck you i’m out” decision on Fox Sports One.

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