The Responses to LeBron Trying to Trademark Taco Tuesday are Fantastic

LeBron is trying to trademark Taco Tuesday and the people have responded

Photo Courtesy of Business Insider

The always very self-aware and never insufferable LeBron James, who just so happens to be on the greatest basketball players of all time making what I just said even worse, is attempting to trademark the phrase Taco Tuesday. I can’t say I’m surprised because when you’re LeBron James and have your thumb firmly on the pulse of what people like out of a mega-star, trying to make money on a phrase that everyone has been saying for decades is exactly what you do. Just watch this clip of the King celebrating his feast and try and tell me with a straight face that you don’t think it would be a lot of fun to be around this.

Talk about not being annoying and bizarre. LeBron acting like this can never be associated with those two feelings. It’s just a grown man, seriously, sounding like a weirdo all in the attempts to I suppose gather favor with the commoners.

Fortunately, the internet pounced all over this mess and let LeBron know just how great of an idea it is to trademark something the majority of people enjoy.

I apologize that these steller tweets also include the LeBron video, but it’s a small price to pay for you to see these hilarious responses. LeBron trying to trademark such a common phrase that people enjoy is very on-brand for a guy that runs on to the court of his son’s games while they’re going on to celebrate and videos of him working out. I would imagine the next item on the belt for LeBron to cause another mass eye roll would be for him to wear a Go Pro on his head while he goes down roller coasters, or for him to start his own prank show where he pranks all his barbershop lackeys. I’m actually surprised he hasn’t done that yet. Until then, let’s hope that taco Tuesday is still a phrase for the people and that we can just get back to enjoying delicious tacos on Tuesdays again without having one of the greatest athletes to ever live sully the name of one of our favorite past times. Enjoy the holiday weekend.

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