The Lance Stephenson Photoshops Won’t Stop…

Oh Lance…you’ve gone viral twice this month. Once for sleeping on the court, and once again for blowing in Lebron’s ear. The craziest part is that you don’t even seem to care about the publicity. You are actually doing this because you are literally insane. And that makes it that much better. We can’t wait to see what you do tonight…just do it early before you’re down 20. Check out these ear blowing and soundly sleeping photoshops of Stephenson over the past few weeks.

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Open Your Eyes White Girl

Get off the boat Leo. She my bitch.

Bubbles Get Troubles

Internet Goes Wild with Lance Stephenson 'Blowing' Photoshops

Flawless concentration is required when blowing bubbles. 

Contra Stopped Working

Lance Stephenson Nintendo

up up down down left right left right B A B A start.

It Was the Wind


This Guy….


 Whaaat’s the Deal With Stephenson?


Tombstone Stephenson


Planet Earth Stephenson


Circle of Life Stephenson


Someone really needs to photoshop Lebron’s face on Mufasa.  

Down Goes Stephenson! Down Goes Stephenson!


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