The Jake Marisnick “Drama” Continues and the Angels Aren’t Happy

There was some drama in last night’s Angels-Astros game. So what exactly happened?

Photo Courtesy Of "Los Angeles Times"

It might be time to move on from last week’s game between the Houston Astros and Los Angeles Angels. Jake Marisnick collided with Jonathan Lucroy at home plate while trying to score the go-ahead run.

The Los Angeles Angels, apparently, are still not happy with that collision. In last night’s game, pitcher Noe Ramirez drilled Marisnick in the left shoulder with a fastball that clocked 90 miles per hour. After Marisnick walked down to first, that’s where the trouble started.

After a pickoff attempt from Ramirez immediately after Marisnick reached base, Astros players (Lance McCullers Jr., Justin Verlander) were yelling at Albert Pujols, who was covering first base. Pujols did not take too kindly to this, as he started yelling back at the Astros pitchers.

Shortly after that, both dugouts started to clear. First, it was the Astros dugout, shortly followed by the Angels dugout. Finally, the bullpens of both teams joined in. There were no physical altercations because someone was sending Astros players back to the dugout. Which guy was it?

Marisnick himself, who was not trying to play villain whatsoever, said last week after the game “It was a bad play and I hope he’s OK.” Marisnick feels really bad about what he did, as he addressed the issue after the game. “It’s not what I want. It was an unfortunate play back in Houston. I feel terrible about it. To come here and have something like this go down, it stinks.” He was not trying to injure Lucroy, however, he made a split-second decision that unfortunately happened to injure Lucroy.

When asked about Ramirez’s retaliation pitch against Marisnick, Astros manager AJ Hinch was heated. “They got a free shot at him, no warning, with no ejection. We’ll see if there’s discipline, and without discipline there’s not going to be any issue doing it the next time. So if retaliations are in, cool. We’re well aware.”

It is safe to say baseball fans might expect another incident in the near future between these two AL West rivals. That could be as soon as tonight, as the Angels look to try and take the series from the Astros.

Will this series continue to be one defined by conflict, or will it be defined by good baseball?

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