The Future Teaching the Future at Canal Park

The Akron RubberDucks are the future of Major League Baseball. It doesn’t stop them from taking time to instruct their own replacements.

photo courtesy of @BrownsMemes

I love visiting the Akron RubberDucks. They are one of the many Minor League franchises that know that a visit to the ballpark is all about the experience. Loud music, fun mascots, constant giveaways are routine at Canal Park. I often wonder what extra pressure is added to a batter knowing that if they get a hit an entire section of people wins a free taco. It is easy to root for these players. Some of these guys are the future of Major League Baseball. In a lot of ways in addition to a game of baseball, you get the bonus of watching players reach for their dreams. It makes it a great experience for younger fans whose own dreams haven’t ended yet.

What many folks don’t know is that the RubberDucks are willing to go to the next level for those same kids whose dreams are alive and well. The RubberDucks offer a wide variety of bulk ticket experiences and local business outings. One of their coolest experiences is their Baseball Camp, where they invite kids to join a handful of players and coaches on the field for instruction.

Akron RubberDucks Baseball Campers avoiding the watchful eye of the groundskeepers.

Kids are split up by age and are given the fundamentals for fielding and throwing a ball. Then they are off to the field to show off their skills. As the groundskeepers guard their pristine infield, the kids are allowed to take some swings in the outfield. It is impossible to master the game of baseball in three hours, but the instruction that these kids got in those three hours will last with them forever.

An eight-year-old that was apparently already concerned with launch angle getting ready to swing again.

Afterwards, the kids were given lunch and a meet and greet with some of the players who attended the camp. After given complimentary RubberDucks hats, the kids were invited back for the game and fireworks that evening. The kids had a blast, and the players involved seemed to enjoy themselves as well.

I love these events because it is becoming increasingly difficult to keep kids into youth sports. I believe that kids seeing players that are still striving to achieve their dreams are a great thing. With any hope in the future as the players involved are wrapping up their big league careers, some of these kids will be starting their own.

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