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The Friday Beatdown: Bobby Bonilla


Bobby Bonilla might’ve been a second rate third baseman. But, as a bad ass he was first class.

Looking for a good tough guy line to really hatch your Eastwood? Bobby Bo’s got you covered.

After all, he’s the dude who told a reporter once-

“I’ll show you the Bronx.”

I don’t think he was talking about Fordham.

Another time he called the NY Mets press box to challenge them for charging him with an error. Giving new meaning to:

“Don’t make me come up there.”


And lastly, though he retired in 2001. He worked out a deferred payment contract with the Mets in the 90’s that will see him getting paid a million dollars a year until 2035 for a team that released him almost 20 years ago. Now, that is gangsta.

So today we salute you, Bobby Bo…you are a certified bad ass.

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