The Cleveland Browns will Play with Expectations in 2019

The Browns will have no issue playing with expectation in 2019.

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Browns General Manager John Dorsey has assembled an ultra-talented roster while Head Coach Freddie Kitchens has built an excellent staff around himself. The Browns appear to be set for a breakout season when everything is considered. However, many national pundits are quick to point out that things will be different for the Browns this season since people expect this team to do well. It’s almost across the board. Everyone who follows the Cleveland Browns believes this team has a shot at being pretty darned good. This team hasn’t had the pressure of expectations placed upon them recently. Can they perform under such circumstances?

We can start by saying definitively that no one will place higher expectations on the Browns than the Browns themselves. Freddie Kitchens made it known in his introductory press conference that 7-8-1 was not good enough for this team. You can bet your life that it wasn’t good enough for Baker Mayfield or Myles Garrett either. These guys all want to win. It isn’t pressure to them, it’s simply their competitive nature to want to win and to work as hard as they can to put themselves in a position to win.

The players, coaches, and management of this team are all painfully aware of the history of this team. Freddie Kitchens and staff even teach young players about that history. The want to be the ones to turn this thing around. They want to share in the glory with the great city of Cleveland when the Browns are once again unquestioned as one of the great franchises in the NFL.

It’s also a bit absurd to think that a football player or a coach is going to relax on a bad team. Keeping a job in the NFL as a player or a coach is just not that easy. Most players only play for a few seasons. Some coaches only get one shot. You cannot take it easy in the NFL unless you don’t want to stay in the NFL.

The addition of Odell Beckham Jr. gives the Browns another player who is used to being in the spotlight. OBJ and Baker Mayfield will lead this team through anything that may feel uncomfortable to some of the other players.

This team expects to win this season. They won’t be surprised when it happens. The expectations are already set. They were set by the team in meetings and in the locker room. Expectations set outside of the team facilities won’t phase this group. Drive, competitiveness and a desire to make the Browns great again will be the factors that make this team successful.

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