The Cleveland Browns Left Us No Shortage of Big Plays in Preseason Opener

Here at BIGPLAY we love big plays. The Cleveland Browns gave us no shortage after an electric first preseason game against the Washington Redskins.

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Here at BIGPLAY we love big plays. We named ourselves after them. So the fact that the first glimpse of the 2019 Cleveland Browns was filled with big plays makes us very happy.

The Browns won their preseason opener over the Washington Redskins by a score of 30-10. While wins and losses in the preseason are moot points, the Browns will have a pretty exciting time in the film study room this week. The Browns looked very sharp on both sides of the ball no matter which part of the depth chart they were on.

Baker Mayfield was on fire before the game had even started. Here he nails some air drums on Phil Collins’ “In the Air Tonight.”

Mayfield didn’t stop with the air drums. Without Jarvis Landry or Odell Beckham Jr. playing in the game all he did was lead the Browns on a long touchdown drive. The drive was ended by this absolute gem of a throw to Rashard Higgins, who made a great catch while being hit.

This throw in particular was spectacular. It was perfectly placed between two defenders with the touch to float it over the head of the safety jumping the route. Higgins made a couple other very nice plays on the night, but none could top this amazing highlight reel touchdown to begin the season.

Antonio Callaway has had a tough camp. It appears he has certainly dropped below Higgins on the depth chart. With something to prove Callaway turned in a very decent performance in the first preseason game. Sadly this amazing touchdown catch will not count in the box score. It was ruled incomplete on the field. Instant replay showed that Callaway actually made an amazing catch on the tipped ball… so of course the call on the field stood.

The defense was very solid throughout the evening. The Redskins could never establish much offense due to a very busy pass rush and stingy run defense. However the man who stole the show for the defense was Mack Wilson. The rookie who was drafted in the fifth round out of Alabama showed why he felt that he should have been selected much higher.

He wasn’t done there. His second interception of the night was a far more impressive effort than the first. Coaches have been raving about Wilson’s ability in pass coverage. The Browns have been in long need of a linebacker that fits that bill. I think we should get used to having Mack around.

Very quickly it looked like it might be a rough night for the younger members of the Browns secondary. Case Keenum connected with Robert Davis for this 46 yard touchdown pass in what looked like a huge breakdown between rookies Greedy Williams and Sheldrick Redwine.

However the duo didn’t let that one play define their evenings. Here on this Dwayne Haskins over throw both players were in the vicinity of the ball. But when two guys get to a ball and one of them is named Greedy…

Myles Garrett is still Myles Garrett. This blast off the line gave the offense ten extra yards to get back.

David Blough wanted to be known in this area as something other than being the guy who beat the Buckeyes so bad they got excluded from the postseason. The former Boilermaker connected with DJ Montgomery on a very nice throw and catch to seal the win for the Browns.

One of the feel good stories of the off-season was that of Damon Sheehy-Guiseppi. Sheehy had no opportunities in front of him. Without even enough money to pay for a hotel he slept outside while trying to get an opportunity with the Browns. Sheehy essentially tricked the Browns into allowing him into a tryout session, only to earn himself an actual contract. With all the talent at wide receiver Sheehy is already a long shot to make the team. To make the team as a fifth wide receiver means you will have to provide value to the special teams unit. And well…

The preseason usually isn’t a great representation of what a team will look like in the regular season. However the Browns certainly used the opportunity to try to at least validate a little bit of the hype that has followed this team into the season. Hopefully our next big plays at BIGPLAY article is just as full of highlights.

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