The BIGPLAY Cleveland Weekly Mailbag – June 2, 2019

Cleveland sports fans get their questions answered by a Cleveland sports expert.

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This week we got some amazing questions for the BIGPLAY Cleveland Mailbag and the best were chosen to be answered. We hope you enjoy this and we look forward to getting more amazing questions in future weeks!

What an interesting question. I used to love watching the Packers from that time frame. Both Mayfield and Favre were strong-armed quarterbacks who were not afraid to get into a little scuffle. Their ascension to that spot has been very different. Baker was the number 1 overall pick, while Favre was drafted in the second round in 1991 by the Atlanta Falcons and then traded to the Packers a year later. There were times last year while watching Baker play that I was reminded of Favre. If Baker can continue on his current trajectory, he has the opportunity to be just as good if not better than Favre.

The Kitchens-Holmgren comparison is also a good one. They both have qualities that make them good coaches for young quarterbacks. Holmgren worked with Joe Montana and Steve Young before getting to coach Favre. He was considered a quarterback guru in his time and before becoming an offensive coordinator was only a quarterbacks coach. Kitchens has worked with all offensive positions, which gives him a different insight into the quarterback position than Holmgren would have had, but still an important one.

As for the front office, John Dorsey is not only similar to Ron Wolf, he is a disciple of Wolf. Ron Wolf has a long and distinguished resume and has had many former employees become general managers around the league, Dorsey included. Also, Ron’s son Elliot is a member of the Browns front office.

Suffice to say, I agree with your basic premise and I would be very excited in 10 years from now to look at this year’s team and see how close these two franchises were. I would expect that many of the assistant coaches with the Browns will become head coaches over the next few years, much like Holmgren’s assistant coaches Andy Reid, Jon Gruden and Steve Mariucci did. Additionally, current front office people like Eliot Wolf and Alonzo Highsmith will probably get opportunities to be general managers.

I think two players who will have great seasons are WR Antonio Callaway and DT Larry Ogunjobi. Callaway will have opportunities to show off his speed on offense as well as on special teams as he is very likely to be a return man. He showed glimpses of how good he can be and with defenses worrying about OBJ and Jarvis Landry, Callaway will reap the benefit.

As for Ogunjobi, while everyone is talking about how acquiring Olivier Vernon and Sheldon Richardson will help Myles Garrett, I think it will help Ogunjobi even more. Ogunjobi had 5.5 sacks last year as well as 10 tackles for loss and 15 quarterback hits. With offensive lines needing to worry about Garrett, Vernon and Richardson, I would expect for those numbers for Ogunjobi to go up.

It is just another example of the Indians front office and farm system doing what they do, which is to find quality young pitchers. The MLB Draft is coming up and I would not be surprised if the Indians draft some pitchers early in the draft. I hope Plesac gets a few more starts and pitches as well as he did the other night, as I picked him up for my Fantasy Baseball team.

I would expect six receivers to make the 53 man roster. The four you mentioned are locks. I would say that Jaelen Strong will make the team and be number five. As for the sixth, Damion Ratley and Derrick Willies will be fighting for that spot and whoever does not get it will probably make the practice squad. I would put Ratley as the final receiver and Willies on the practice squad. If by chance, Damon Sheehy-Guiseppi becomes the return man then it would be seven receivers, but Sheehy-Guiseppi would not get much playing time there.

I have absolutely no problem with OBJ missing voluntary OTA’s. Most, if not all the biggest named veterans in the NFL are not at the voluntary ones. If he were to miss the upcoming mandatory ones then I would definitely be concerned.

Interestingly, quarterbacks coach Ryan Lindley mentioned that it is good for Baker Mayfield that OBJ is not there because now Baker can work on his timing with other receivers. Additionally, this also gives the coaching staff more opportunities to see what some of the lesser known receivers can do. Who knows, maybe because OBJ is not there a young receiver will pop in practice and the Browns will now keep him on the 53 man roster.

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