The BIGPLAY Cleveland Weekly Mailbag – June 16, 2019

Cleveland sports fans get their questions answered by a Cleveland sports expert.

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The BIGPLAY Cleveland Mailbag received some amazing questions this week and the best were chosen here to be answered. If you have a question for a future mailbag please comment below and it may make it in a future week’s article. And now, on to the questions!

While I think this is the right answer, I’m assuming “all of them” is not an option. I’m going to narrow it down to two that I think the success level of the Browns will be relying on their units to be successful. First is special teams coordinator Mike Priefer and the second is offensive line coach James Campen.

While with Minnesota, Priefer’s special teams’ units were among the least penalized teams. Imagine if the Browns didn’t have the high amount of special teams penalties they did over the last few seasons, many games would have been a lot different! Priefer is definitely very structured and that is also something that is very beneficial to special teams.

Picking Campen is not a knock on the previous offensive line coaches or indicative of bad offensive line play, I just feel like Campen is one of the best offensive line coaches in the NFL and during his time with the Green Bay Packers he would often get the best out of his players. Many of the top offensive linemen for the Packers were late round draft picks that Campen was able to mold. I look forward to players like Drew Forbes getting the opportunity to learn from Campen.

I definitely have seen people complaining about Jose Ramirez as much as they have been complaining about Jason Kipnis. I do think that Kipnis’ struggles have been going on for a longer time and therefore it seems like people have been complaining about Kipnis more. I like both Kipnis and Ramirez but I do feel like something needs to be done about their paltry numbers.

That might not be a bad idea, however, there are two issues that would have to be dealt with. First, does Ramirez have any options left (I tried to search for that information and couldn’t find it). If he does, then the team should consider using the option, if he doesn’t then the Indians would need to figure something else out. The second issue that would arise is who would play third base? I know Ramirez has had a sub-par season, but what is the alternative? Mike Freeman? Eric Stamets? Are they any better than Ramirez? I don’t think so.

I think it’s a drop too early to figure that out. While they are way behind the Minnesota Twins (as of now), they are still close in the Wild Card race and through the rest of June, they are playing teams that are bad, like the Detroit Tigers, Kansas City Royals and Baltimore Orioles. The point is, they are far from out of it.

I do hope they would be buyers come the trade deadline. If they are, I would expect them to try to get a power-hitting outfielder who can bat in the middle of the lineup.

Since the Cavs hired Lindsay Gottlieb earlier this week I have been reading up on her and I have been very impressed. I think it was an excellent move by the Cavs to hire her and most importantly I like the fact that she is coming in as part of a brand new staff along with head coach John Beilein and associate head coach J.B. Bickerstaff. She is an extremely smart person and the Cavs need smart motivated people on the coaching staff, so this move is great!

Hope you enjoyed this week’s mailbag. Can’t wait to see the amazing questions you all will come up with next week!

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