The Best Sports Movies: Voting for Baseball

The best way to create definitive rankings of the best sports movies by sport is to ask the people and have them vote and to start the series, we will vote on baseball.

Every week, I will release the results of the previous week’s poll and provide the poll for next week’s sport. To start, I figured it would be perfect to do baseball with the All-Star game coming up in the heart of the season. The following schedule for each week will be:

1. Baseball

2. Basketball

3. Boxing

4. Hockey

5. Soccer

6. Golf

7. Documentaries

8. Football

When you vote, you’ll pick the top three movies in your opinion. The lists I will create will be based on the top movies when searching on Google, but please make sure to write in any movies that you think are missing. I’m hoping that using this series of articles, we can develop definitive rankings of the best sports movies by sport. Vote below!

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