The Best Coaching Candidate Nobody is Talking About

Once again the Cleveland Browns are looking for a new head coach. With few NFL head coaching jobs available this off-season, you are hearing many of the same names for the few openings. We have a tendency to associate a prospective candidate with a moment or two and not do a real look into how good they really are. So, I’m going to give you information about three former head coaches without using their name and then we will see that the best candidate might be someone nobody is thinking of.

Before we go through specifics about each one, here are two facts that are true about all of them. First, they all worked with MVP-caliber quarterbacks and they all interviewed for jobs during the last off-season.

Let’s start with Coach A: He was an offensive-minded head coach with a winning percentage under .400 but has won multiple Super Bowls as an assistant. He has worked with quarterbacks drafted high as well as later in the draft and has helped get the best out of most of them. In his final season as a head coach, he won three games.

Now Coach B: Was also an offensive-minded head coach with a winning percentage a little over .500 and has also won multiple Super Bowls as an assistant. He has worked with numerous quarterbacks drafted high and his only really bad season as a head coach was a year when his quarterback was injured. In his final season as a head coach, he won nine games.

Finally Coach C: Once again an offensive-minded head coach whose winning percentage is over .600 and has won a Super Bowl. He worked with multiple first-round quarterbacks as well as some quarterbacks drafted later. In his final season as head coach, he won four games.

Without knowing the names (although, maybe you’ve figured them out), who would you want as your next head coach? Each coach has qualities that are good, but each has reasons to question if they are the right hire. First, let’s do the reveal, Coach A is Josh McDaniels, Coach B is Jim Caldwell and Coach C is Mike McCarthy.

If given the choice, my opinion is that the best candidate is Jim Caldwell, who is not getting the love that McDaniels and McCarthy are getting. The Browns need a good coach and Caldwell is that. Caldwell won 14 games in his first year as a head coach and made it to a Super Bowl. He is currently part of the Miami Dolphins organization and has previously worked under Tony Dungy and John Harbaugh.

There is one reason that Caldwell’s name might not be bandied about like the others that is not football related. In July it was announced that Caldwell was taking a leave of absence as a coach under Brian Flores and the Dolphins due to health issues. I would never want any coach to risk their health for the sake of a job but if his health issues from last year are no longer a problem, I’d want him as my head coach.  

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