The Bake Show Is Back: Why the Young QB Will Help Your Fantasy Football Team

Baker Mayfield wakes up feeling dangerous every day. If you select him for your fantasy football team in 2019, you will, too.

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Did you wake up feeling dangerous today?

I know I did. Why? I know that when it comes my turn to pick a player in my fantasy football draft, I am hoping to take Baker Mayfield, one of the most exciting players in the entire National Football League.

I am not saying that you should take him first round, but I am advising you to take Bake with one of your earlier picks. Sure, there are Tom Brady, Cam Newton, Russell Wilson, Drew Brees, Patrick Mahomes, and Philip Rivers, all who have more experience and accolades than the Bake show. But let me tell you why you should take Baker.

The Browns, on paper, are one of the best teams in the NFL. The talent should certainly turn into a success on the field. They have an excellent young stud of a running back in Nick Chubb, who was one of the best rookie running backs in the league last year, the best wide receiver duo in the league in Odell Beckham Jr. and Jarvis Landry, both whom were teammates at Louisiana State University, and a great young tight end in David Njoku, who redeemed himself with a bounce-back year in 2018. The defense is outstanding, too, but individual players do not count in fantasy unless you play in a league with an IDP (Individual Defensive Player).

With all the weapons that Mayfield has, he should perform even better in 2019 (and maybe the 2020 postseason) than he did in all of 2018. That is scary, considering what he was able to do last year, starting with the ever-gleeful win over the New York Jets in Week 3, and culminating with a near-400-yard performance in Week 17 against the division-rival Baltimore Ravens.

In addition to the star-studded offense of the Cleveland Browns, Baker Mayfield can flat out ball. Last year, the league fell in love with Baker based on his ability to do multiple things. For one, he can throw deep down the field. Not only this, but he has accuracy when throwing deep (see Breshad Perriman in Week 17 last year). Second, Mayfield can escape sacks. One of his most memorable escapes was in the preseason last year against the Buffalo Bills.

Last but not least, Baker Mayfield has confidence and swagger, and a lot of it. This is something that every franchise wants to have in their quarterback: someone who thinks their team can go out and win week after week, no matter the opponent or circumstances. While these might not show up on the stat sheet, Mayfield’s confidence and swagger certainly help him play better, which in turn leads to better performance.

If you pick one on the quarterbacks I listed above as your first quarterback, that is perfectly fine. All I am saying is: you are missing out if Baker Mayfield is not on your team.

I woke up feeling dangerous, and you should, too.

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