Texas Rangers Reveal Interesting Concession-Stand Food for 2015 Playoffs

The Rangers won the American League West and are now prepared to make a run at a World Series. As if your favorite MLB club being fucking incredibly talented wasn’t enough reason to buy a playoff ticket, Globe Life Stadium has decided to spice things up at the snack bar…

The very worst addition is undoubtably the “Sweet Spot Cotton Candy Dog” which’ll cost you $10 – It’s a pair of ballpark franks topped in “candy infused mustard” and cotton candy. (not dentally endorsed)

Everyone likes a ballpark dog…Many people enjoy cotton candy…No one enjoys them together.

The other 3 new items aren’t nearly as disturbing, yet equally creative:

Great work on 75% of these items Rangers’ staff! If anyone out there is brave enough to handle the cotton candy dog, please feel free to give your analysis.


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