Suh Wins Appeal on 2014 Modification to “Repeat Offender” Policy

Ndamukong Suh is a first time offender in relation to the repeat offender policy, per the NFL.

According to Judy Battista of, Suh was removed from the repeat offender list due to a modification in 2014.

32 games exactly. Makes you wonder if Suh recognized his slate was finally clean on the 2014 modification, allowing him to sneak in one last dirty play against the Packers. That may be taking it a bit far, but you’d be hard pressed to name a dirtier player than Suh.

According to the NFL, they wanted to make a stance on the Rodgers incident, yet knew an appeal would most likely win out in the long run.

Once again, kudos to the NFL on a job well done. A solid cap to 2014.

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