VIDEO: Strippers And Money: An Average Floyd Mayweather House Party

When entering a “normal” house party, a few things are to expected. First off, the alcohol usually reminds us of our freshman year in college. It consists of Keystone Light and the cheapest liquor money can by, generally Burnetts or Kentucky Deluxe. Then there is always that one girl who seems to be hearing impaired and blackout drunk as she screams her life story to an unsuspecting victim who is more than likely too sober to be dealing with it. By the end of the night, vomit has been spilled, the police have been called and the host is livid with the outcome.

A normal house party right? Well for Floyd Mayweather normalcy is defined by half-naked women twerking for those Benjamins.

Take a look at how the one percent lives at 5:16 AM on a Tuesday morning.

Awesome, and I thought the hard six I brought home from the bar last weekend was an accomplishment. 

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