Steve Smith Tried to Beat Up Former Teammate in Front of His Kids

Steve Smith’s eagerness to come to fisticuffs is no secret.  His punches have broken the bones of more than one teammate in his long NFL career, and former teammate in Carolina, Jermaine Wiggins, came close to joining the list.

Wiggins, who has a radio show up in Boston, labeled Smith a “bully” and a “bad locker room guy.”  Smith didn’t take all too kindly being labeled a bully, so he went and bullied the shit out of Wiggins in front of his kids.

While there’s some varying accounts of those who were present, Smith allegedly cursed out Wiggins, who objected to the harsh language in front of his children.  Wiggins had been at the Ravens-Patriots game with his wife and two sons, and this altercation occurred in the parking lot after the game.

Former Patriots quarterback and current member of their broadcast team, Scott Zolak, called into another radio show to explain what he witnessed.

Steve’s like, ‘man, you called me a bully.  What’s up with that?  You know what I’m going to do?  I’m going to <bleep> you, right now.

Apparently, the irony of taking offense to being called a bully by threatening to fuck the guy up is lost on Steve Smith.

From there, it got even more heated, as people moved in to keep the men separated, according to Zolak

Matt Chatham took him and said, ‘man, you gotta get on the bus now,’ and Steve Smith just kept yappin’ and yappin’.

Now, Wiggy’s like Kevin Garnett, pointing at him over the top:  ‘I’ll tell you what you are:  you’re the same thing you always been!”

The visual Zolak paints of Wiggins getting real hard when there’s a buffer between them is hilarious, but also smart of Wiggins.  It would really suck to get your ass kicked by a lunatic in front of your family.  Instead, he gets to save some face and look bad ass, even though he was safe from harm.


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